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Gracie Mosca

Misty Peretz finally does the teeter


Jesse Peretz flies

January 15, 2022: Four SAAC members got MACH/PACH titles in one day: (L-R) MACH4 Rio and Sue Wolf, MACH2 Gunny and Wendy Cerilli, Judge Mark Upshaw, PACH2 Jesse and Debbie Peretz and PACH1 Ivy and Maria Barnum

Jewel, Carly, Cruiser.jpg

Jewel, Carly and Cruiser Swanker waiting for their tune-up with Dr. Kristen Gunderson at Alternative Veterinary Therapies.

From l to r: Bliss, Dreamer and Shiloh Pivorun-Wehrle

From l to r: Toby, Ashley, Sienna and Dolly Witting

Geoffrey Fish

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